Tell Me More French Vs Rosetta Stone

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Tell Me More French Vs Rosetta Stone

What is the main difference between these two popular French Language programs – Tell Me More French and Rosetta Stone French?

Let’s start with what is common for both programs. First of all, both are quality and cutting edge language software programs. Both companies succeeded creating the program that is intuitive to use and both have well designed user interface and easy to follow menus.

However, looking deeper behind the user interfaces and nice design, we listed most important pros and cons for each program and our verdict at the bottom of the page.

What we like in Rosetta Stone French

What we don’t like in Rosetta Stone French

What we like in Tell Me More French

What we don’t like in Tell Me More French

Our verdict: Tell Me More French vs Rosetta Stone  

You will get much more value for your money from Tell Me More. It contains more learning material, is more demanding and has greater variety of tools. Tell Me More method is based on idea that adults need reference in native language (English), like translation, explanations as well as multiple repetitions to learn foreign language.Read full Tell Me More French review.

Method employed by Rosetta Stone refers to way how children learn languages. Children learn through absorbing and immersion in the language and do not need reference to the native language. That is why Rosetta Stone does not provide translation in English. Rosetta Stone also lack grammar explanations and does not have extensive vocabulary reference in the program. The program gives impression of easy learning and of fast progress, but in fact you may realize that you learned very little, because in many cases you just guessed the right answer. It is also rather slow in presenting teaching materials.Read Rosetta Stone French reviews.

We give thumbs up for Tell Me More French.

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